WordPress saved my business

If you are planning to create your first website for your own business please read this before taking any decision (Deception).

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Having a website for a small business

WordPress literally changed my life

Alicia Sanders

As an entrepreneur is overwhelming all the tasks and skills you have to develop on the way just to be alive over the whole digital ecosystem.

You have to open every communication channel, from social media, G-suite, and the hardest one your own website.

woman in black long sleeve shirt covering her face with her hands
Me 2 years ago!

My first website was created for a small tech-dev agency, it was crazy! First of all, it took over 4 months to be delivered and when it finally came out the information we provided was already outdated. I was so mad.

I didn’t know a bit about technology at that time (Not that I have become a full-stack developer nowadays) but that website they built had a lot of problems, from users trying to sign up unsuccessfully to continuously generating errors in the different sections of the site.

Oh god, I was pretty upset cause it cost me a fortune, took a lot of time to build, and in the end, it didn’t work for what it was meant to be.


Then I met WordPress

WordPress get to me by a friend who had a digital marketing agency and they use it to build all their client’s websites and I was amazed about all the features and types of websites they created so fast.

For people like us that don’t understand a bit about code and technology is the perfect tool to create a functional, beautiful, and low-cost website in less than a month. (Depending on who is building it for you, but shouldn’t take more than 4 weeks).

There’s something that’s very important for my business which is an e-commerce of beauty and self-care products and is the constant updating of products and prices, also we have to create new vendors and be aware of the day-to-day sales, and with my new WordPress website, I can do it by myself without having a large tech team to operate the platform.


Few tips

  • Use wordpress for a starting business is key
  • Go live as soon as posibble and bring traffic
  • Social media is so important
  • Blog posts like this
  • understand about SEO

Have a tech lead in your company is a great idea, if you feel there’s no need for it just make sure you have a good support providor. 

I hope my experience works for you guys.

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WordPress saved my business

If you are planning to create your first website for your own business please read this before taking any decision (Deception).

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